Monday, 8 May 2017

Top 5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Workers’ compensation claims can cover many types of injuries. The list below is not exhaustive, but if you’ve suffered any of the following common workplace injuries while on the job, it’s worth your time to consult Charleston, SC workers’ compensation attorney Cristin Uricchio about your situation.

Here are the top five most common workplace injuries. If you’ve suffered any of these, you should talk to a workers’ compensation attorney to make sure you’re being treated fairly.

  1. Injury by Falling Object: Heavy objects can cause serious injury when they drop or fall from shelves and other high places. Due to the nature of this particular hazard, falling objects often cause head injuries.
  1. Reaction Injuries: This type of injury includes body trauma, muscle injuries, and other medical issues caused by slipping or tripping without falling.
  1. Falling From Heights: Falls from elevated areas, such as roofs, stairs, or ladders can be caused by faulty equipment or by slip and fall accidents.
  1. Slipping or Tripping: The second most common injuries in the workplace are falls caused by wet or slippery surfaces or objects on the floor.
  1. Overexertion: Consistently ranked as the most common workplace injury, overexertion injuries relate to activities that involve pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting, holding, or throwing in the workplace.

Whatever the nature of your on-the-job injury, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate the process of making a claim. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Charleston workers’ compensation attorney, call Uricchio Law Firm today.

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